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Welcome to Jumboo Toys And Crafts

Creatively redefining paper technologies and enhancing skills

Jumboo was built out of sheer passion to bring hands on fun that encourages creativity and curiosity among children. I had a deep interest of building this projects, but often found that my creativity and ideas fell short. With my busy work schedule it was really tough to spare time to find engaging activities for kids. So I started exploring my ideas with my kid and would spend the weekend with her.

Slowly I started learning the thinking process of a child and tried to follow what keeps them engaged and keep them away from techy gadgets and help them use their own creativity and brains. I brought in a team mate Amarjit and we started sharing ideas and giving it life. We made sure the quality of the toy should be always the best and kid’s safety was our prior concern so we started avoiding use of scissors and made the toys easy to create with fold patterns and joints. As most of our products are paper made we make sure they have a good shelf life as well.

We are still keen and learning the natural behavioral pattern and learning process the children has and innovating the ideas around it. We want to make it fun, easy, and delightful to spend time building, exploring and creating it together. We have a team of testers (kids) parents who give valuable feedback and experts to review them.

We love creating at Jumboo and cherish every moment we spend creating a new toy, the involvement that our kids and friends have shown bringing the product to life is amazing. We're excited about sharing the creativity to help provide the experience for your family to share too.

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